The show is On The Case with Paula Zahn, and on Sunday the show will have a spotlight on an Upstate New York cold case from 1979.

On The Case has been a show around for some time, it debuted in late 2009 and has produced 312 episodes so far. The host Paula Zahn takes a deep dive into some grizzly stories and unsolved cases. The case that is going to be featured in the season premiere on May 9th goes by the name Cali Doe. That is in reference to the murder happening in Caledonia and the fact that the victim was a Jane Doe. Jane Doe refers to the fact the victim could not be identified.

In recent years it seems some progress has been made at least. Back in 1979, DNA technology was a few years away from being used to identify people. In 2015 authorities were actually able to identify the victim in this cold case. So it's not a Jane Doe case anymore, but not much information is known.

Tammy Jo Alexander is the name of the victim, at the time of the murder where she was shot she was only 16 years old. Her sister hopes that with the show focusing on the murder that a suspect can be found and the case can be solved.

"That's our end goal, to find out who did this," said Dyson, who is interviewed for the show. "The more we can keep the story alive, the better chance we have of somebody knowing something." - Pamela Dyson - Democrat & Chronicle

The episode of On The Case will premiere on Discovery Channels streaming service, Discovery+ this Sunday. It will make its way to cable on May 16th on ID. More from NYUP here.


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