A mystery teen in Rome deserves kudos for picking up trash 'just because'.

When Jamie Duck spotted a teen picking up trash outside of RFA in Rome, he felt compelled to ask why the teen was out there picking up garbage, instead of doing something more fun to enjoy the day.

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Jamie learned the teen's name is Nicholas.

"Meet Nicholas. I met him at RFA picking up trash. I asked if he was doing this as a service to a club, college resume etc. No, Nicholas replied, he was simply picking up trash because it is a beautiful day to be outside, this was his school and he hates seeing the litter. Kudos to Nicholas for being a good citizen to the community!!"

We asked Jamie if he knew anything else about Nicholas; he told he didn't.

Nicholas, whoever you are, we need more people like you - not just in Rome - but everywhere. Thank you for doing a good deed.

Credit: Jamie Duck
Credit: Jamie Duck

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