Have you ever wondered if it's legal to bury a body in your yard? Now don't get carried away-- we're not talking about murder here. We're pretty sure that's illegal. We're talking about a home burial for a deceased love one. While it may be uncommon, it's not unheard of.


So, why would you want to bury a body in your yard? Well, for one, cemeteries are pretty crowded. And your loved one may have had a particular fondness for the property in question. Maybe they helped build the house you live in, or it overlooks scenery that had sentimental value to them. Not to mention, it's cheaper to bury on your own property.

But all creepiness aside, can you legally bury a body in your yard in New York?


There are only three states where you cannot bury a body in your yard, regardless of if you own the property or not: California, Indiana and Washington have outlawed home burial. But in New York, it's fair game.


But before you start digging, it's always important to check zoning laws in your area before burying on private land. If your local zoning laws prohibit this for whatever reason, you could always look into starting your own family cemetery.


There's technically no law that says you need a casket for home burial. So roll 'em right in the hole, if that's your jam. You're technically being "green" by doing so.

So, there you have it. If you've ever thought "I really like my house, I just wish it were more haunted," then home burial might be for you.





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