The Irish Cultural Center has launched a fund-raising effort to help Central New York area food pantries and soup kitchens during the Coronavirus.

Pat Costello, a board member of the Irish Cultural Center, told The Rome Sentinel that the fund-raising is taking place through social media.

Many of our friends and neighbors who have lost their jobs as a result of the virus will find themselves stressed to feed their families. The existing safety nets that we have could be overwhelmed with requests for meals and other food items as we move into the summer. It is for that reason that we are asking our friends who are in a position to help to donate to our outreach. All of the funds that we receive will be given to the pantries and kitchens that are in need."

You can donate online or through the Irish Cultural Center of the Mohawk Valley Facebook page.

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So far The Irish Cultural Center was able to make donations of $275 to each of six soup kitchens in the Utica area.

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