Since the pandemic began, we've spent so much extra time at home with not being able to travel or do certain things we used to enjoy. Have you added any new hobbies along the way?

If you're like me, you've probably become tired of some of the things that you used to enjoy. During the pandemic, which at this point seems never-ending, I've watched every show I've been meaning to watch, played every video game I never I time to play, I've done every project on my list, at this point, I'm running out of things to keep me occupied.

I needed some new hobbies in my life, so I decided to pick up a few new things to keep me occupied. A buddy of mine started collecting comic books a little over a year ago, and knowing that I used to be really into comics, he would always send me pictures of comics that he purchased. It was great to see some of the ones I used to own, and eventually, I found myself in a comic shop and I bought some comics, now I'm fully back into collecting.

It's fun to back into comics and bring my kids to the comic shop with me to share the excitement. However, comics were not the only hobby I decided to dive into. I've had a small 15-gallon fish tank for quite some time, but I've wanted to upgrade for a while, and that's exactly what I did.

I upgraded to a 60-gallon tank and with that comes much more responsibility. The tank needs more attention, and since going bigger, it allows me to get different fish that can get pretty pricey. While I try to keep my purchases minimal, it's just exciting to have new things to do.

Being stuck in this awful pandemic, on the verge of being put on pause once again, feeling like we've gone nowhere since the pandemic began, at the end of our ropes, it's just nice to have something to get excited about again.

What hobbies have you picked up during this pandemic? Have you started cooking? Working out? Leave your comments below.

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