There's a hike in New York that leads straight to an abandoned village and its once spectacular mansion. This magical and haunting destination is just a 3 hour drive from Utica.

The Hudson Highland State Park is made up of 8,000 acres of mostly undeveloped separate parcels of land. There is so much to do, including a kayak tour of Bannerman Island.

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Within the park, you can take a well-marked trail to the former Cornish Estate, in Cold Spring. The 4-mile hike rewards your effort with the ruins of the abandoned mansion, and the rest of the village that sprung up around it.

Credit: Ben Lau/ @just_a_spectator
Credit: Ben Lau/@just_a_spectator

The estate was built by Edward Joel Cornish, for he and his wife, Selina Bliss Carter Cornish. They moved from the hubbub of New York City in 1917, to the quiet of their elegant home in Cold Spring.

"Cornish was the president of the National Lead Company, and furnished a grand estate consisting of a mansion, swimming pool, gardens and other outbuildings. The couple lived, loved, and entertained visitors frequently, throwing lavish parties and filling the rooms of the mansion with friends and laughter," according to Atlas Obscura.

Tragedy struck when the couple died within two weeks of each other, in 1938. Twenty years later, in 1958, the estate suffering a fire - leaving almost nothing but the stone foundations, walls, and chimneys.

If you're ready for a great day trip, and a short hike that ends with spectacular ruins, get ready to head to the Cornish Estate Trail.


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