I wonder if one chapter of a book will be devoted purely to the lingo? In all seriousness, you can learn about marijuana with a full course now at Syracuse.

Being that recreational marijuana has become legal in New York state, it's a field that will have many jobs coming up. It's also still very unknown though, and a field where there really is so much to learn. Sure, maybe you use marijuana, but do you think you actually know everything about weed?

Imagine the knowledge you would need if you worked at a dispensary. You would have to know about industry standards, terminology, and so many other things that this course I would imagine would help with. Syracuse University is teaming up with Green Flower which is a company out of California for the 6-month long course. It is going to have 4 distinct areas it's specializing in says NYUP.

  • Law and Policy
  • Business
  • Health and Medicine
  • Agriculture and Horticulture

Michael Frasciello, the Dean of Syracuse University also had this to say about the growth in the recreational marijuana field.

“I’ve read reports recently that this is the fastest growing industry in the country,” Frasciello said. “This is what we do at University College — programming to market sensitivity, where things are headed.” - Michael Frasciello - NYUP

The promising part of everything is, they already have people enrolling. Most of the people who are actually are already in the business and are looking to add more to their education so they can get a better job inside the industry.

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