It's hard not to be obsessed with two of the newest residents at the Utica Zoo. The red panda cubs are nearly four months old and its time to name them. Luckily, we have the chance to help decide their names.

The folks at the Utica Zoo have come up with a handful of cute names for the cubs, and we can now vote for the final pair. Here are our options: Kai and Lienna, Yingtao and Xiao Mei, or Xiabo and Mei Lin. The Utica Zoo also posted meanings for each of the names for each of the names on their website.

Male names: 

Kai: Victorious

Yingtao: Cherry

Xiabo: Little wrestler


Female names: 

Lienna: Girl as beautiful as a lotus flower

Xiao Mei: Little plum

Mei Lin: Beautiful forest

You can cast your vote on the zoo's website with a $1 minimum donation, and all funds will go toward the food and care of the red panda cubs. The pair of names with the most donations at the end of two weeks will be the official names of these adorable babies.

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