If you ever wanted to take part in a Utica Zoo Red Panda animal encounter, now is the time to have fun and book one now. The Utica Zoo is currently booking encounters January through April.

During the pandemic, maybe as a parent you're starting to lose your mind a little. With having to juggle babysitting, teaching, homeschooling and just handling life overall, you need a break. The Utica Zoo can be that break.

The Utica Zoo is open daily from 10AM to 4PM. If you don't want to make the trip in person, the zoo also offers 'Call with the Wild' virtual encounters. If you're looking to experience an encounter with one of the Zoo's most popular residents, Red Panda encounter dates are currently available from January through April only.

Go on exhibit with our WORLD FAMOUS Red Panda couple, Ming Yu and Muse. Feed them their favorite treat and learn about their conservation status."

According to their website, dates are filling up fast. Currently there is one encounter available on January 27th at 2PM. If you're curious on other dates, you can visit their website, or give them a call at (315) 738-0472.

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Try The California Sea Lion Encounter

You can go behind the scenes and visit the Utica Zoo's California Sea Lions.

Feed them their favorite fishie treat and learn how to give them commands just like our Zoo Keepers."

There are currently five open dates for January, and four open dates for February. You can book online.

You And Your Family Can Book The Bactrian Camel Encounter

You can also get up close to one of the Zoo's largest animals, the Bactrian camels.

Feed them their favorite veggies and learn about their wonderful adaptations."

At the time of this published story, there are eleven dates open for January, twenty seven dates open for February, thirty one dates open for March, and twenty nine dates for April.

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