A New Hartford man needs your help to reunite a World War II veteran's dogs tags with the veteran's family.

Ed Heiland found a suitcase containing "military garrison caps, and dog tags, among other items" in a space in his New Hartford home. Now, Ed is looking to reunite the items with the rightful owners.

Ed says he's looking for Donald C. Spaz Parker or Linda D. Parker from New Hartford and Whitesboro. Once he posted his request on Facebook, researchers were able to surmise that Donald served as a Sergeant in the US Army during WW II. Unfortunately, those records indicate Donald passed away in 2002.

Ed is hoping to find someone, perhaps a child, related to Donald or his wife, Linda so that he can reunite the items with the family.

If you know anything about the family, or Donald - contact Ed on Facebook.

Let's get these precious items back where they belong.


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