These poor lost keys are looking for their home. Can you help find their owner?

We've all had that moment where we've lost our keys, but this time they aren't just under the couch cushion. These keys have been found in New Hartford and they are looking for their owner to come get them.

According to Susan Massa, the assortment of keys were found on the corner of Sanger Avenue and Compton Road back on Monday. The keys look a little roughed up from the road, but they are all there and still intact.

Google Maps
Google Maps

There are a total of 5 keys on the chain. Two of them likely for a vehicle. One is for someone's Chevrolet and the other is for a Ford of some sort.

If you know who the owner of the keys, or if you're the one who lost them, we can help get them back to you. You can message Susan, who has the keys, on her Facebook page to her know. OR just message this station's Facebook page and we can contact her for you.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Though it should go without saying, we are looking for the actual owner of the keys. Please do not send messages claiming to be the owner if you aren't. Instead share our message and help make someone's day better by finding their keys for them.

Thank you for helping us make Central New York a better place!

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