Birthdays lately have been a lot different recently than in any previous year. One man is turning 102 this year and his son is asking for help making his day super special. He's asking for cards - lots and lots of cards.

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Bill Eck from Rochester, NY is one New Yorker who has lived an honorable life. According to WHAM, he's a veteran of the 5th Ranger Battalion climbed cliffs at Pointe du Hoc in Normandy on D-Day and was wounded about four months into his service.

His birthday is on January 11th and his son, Wayne, is hoping to bring some joy into his dad's life after a very tough year.

Not only did the pandemic cause many of the elderly to isolate themselves which in its self is difficult, but Bill's wife of more than 60 years passed away on Christmas this year.

How can you help? By sending a birthday card.

Homemade, store bought, drawn by the kids, you write a letter: you name it. The more birthday cards, the better in this case.

You can send a special Happy Birthday message to the following address:

Bill Eck
5383 Purdy Creek Road
Hornell, NY 14843

Let's come together and flood Bill's mailbox. If we all send just one, oh what we would pay to be a fly on the wall while he's opening them all. Seeing that smile would be totally worth it.


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