Imagine being able to pick up your favorite, locally-made cheeses any time of day with the simplicity of a vending machine. Well, imagine no more because believe it or not, there's a vending machine in New York stocked primarily with delicious cheese.

Right outside East Hill Creamery on South Main Street in Perry, you'll find a red vending machine full of cheesy goodness. According to Exploring Upstate, owners Betty and Gary Burley came up with the idea for a cheese vending machine when they opened East Hill Creamery in 2017, and it's been such a hit that it paid for itself within the first year.

"The interesting part is, it’s used in the middle of the night and very early morning," Gary Burley told Exploring Upstate. "But, even when the store is open people still use it."

Let's be honest.... Who wouldn't want to try out a vending machine full of cheese?

The Burleys stock the machine daily with artisan cheese and other goodies like wheat crackers, chocolate and their very own Cheese Crisps. The vending machine even works with both cash and credit card.

Before the Burleys got into the cheese-making business, they both had decades of experience raising animals. They now have two dairy farms - run by their children - with a total of 1,300 cows, earning them the honor of working with the largest herd of grazing cattle in the Northeast.

East Hill Creamery features a line of French Alpine cheeses like their semi-hard Underpass and Underpass Reserve, along with their Happy Accident and Silver Lake varieties. Check out pictures of the creamery's products and plan your visit through East Hill's website.

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