Make plans this winter to travel to the Grand Canyon of the East and see the magical ice volcano that forms every year.

Inside Letchworth State Park there's a fountain in front of the Glen Iris Inn. It's been spraying water all year long since 1860. Once the weather gets cold, the water turns to ice, creating a magical ice volcano people travel from miles around to see.

50-Foot Ice Volcano

The size of the ice volcano varies from year to year depending on the temperatures. In 2015, New York experienced an extended deep freeze, creating a volcano that reached 50 feet tall.

Photo Credit John Kucki
Photo Credit John Kucko

2024 Ice Volcano

The volcano is just starting to form for the season. The recent freezing temperatures are helping create the phenomenon that tourists travel from miles around to see.

Credit - Day Trips Around Rochester, NY/Facebook
Credit - Day Trips Around Rochester, NY/Facebook

Stay off the Ice

If you plan to see it this year, please remember to be safe. Stay off the ice formation and surrounding frozen water in the pond. It's usually roped off to keep everyone at a safe distance but still close enough to take pictures.

While you're there, don't stop with the ice volcano. Play in the winter wonderland of Letchworth State Park, by enjoying everything Mother Nature has to offer. Go cross-country skiing on groomed trails. Bring your sled to the famous hill near the Humphrey Nature Center. Hike through the snow-covered mountains, past several beautiful falls. You can even get warm by the fire at Trailside Lodge.

The best way to access the falls area inside the park is through the Castile gate near 6787 Denton Corners Road.

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