Do you know that Governor Andrew Cuomo has set himself up to make a lot of money off of a book about the COVID-19 pandemic? New York legislatures are aware of it, and they are trying to end any more elected officials profiting off book deals.

Governor Cuomo became very famous with his daily briefings about the COVID-19 pandemic. He wasn’t just famous here in New York, he was famous worldwide. According to Spectrum News, Now lawmakers are in an uproar because Governor Cuomo is set to make a profit of $1.5 million on his book about his experience during the pandemic. The book is entitled “An American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic“.

It only took Republican lawmakers days to jump into action after they learned of Cuomo‘s book deal. They are calling for a bill that would prevent elected government officials from profiting from book deals.

Senator George Borrero is one of the Republican lawmakers who is furious about Cuomo‘s book deal. Senator Borrero said, “We can’t have statewide elected officials writing books about their experience while it’s still happening. We need to understand did this book deal influence the withholding and manipulation of data when it came to our nursing home deaths?“

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This is just another controversy that Governor Cuomo has been facing recently. Legislatures are questioning whether Governor Cuomo‘s top aides volunteer their time to help him back check for this book. In addition, legislatures want to know if the number of nursing home deaths were manipulated or withheld to coincide with the book deal.

It seems that Governor Cuomo is facing criticism on all fronts, but he is still making money, sounds like a lot of pocket watching, me personally I'm not mad at him

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