I can't wait to go to a concert or sporting event again and it looks like we will have more opportunities to do just that very soon! Here are the new reopening rules for New York outdoor venues and sports stadiums.

According to Syracuse.com, Governor Cuomo says that outdoor performing arts venues that can hold 2,500 people and up can reopen at 20% of their maximum capacity for concerts and other shows starting April 1! This is no April Fools joke! This is very encouraging news for artists, teams, promoters and fans like you me!

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So what would that mean for concerts at Saratoga Performing Arts Center for example? The capacity at SPAC is around 25,000. At 20%, the venue would be allowed to have up to 5,000 people in attendance. So who would be part of this 5,000? You would need to prove a negative COVID test or proof of a vaccination.

“We have beaten this virus like no other state in the nation has,” Cuomo said during an appearance in New York City. “And we’ve done it by being smart.”

We have seen professional sports such as the National Football League, continue with their season. With or without fans in the stands. Their business model is different than that of an artists as teams have television contracts, merchandise, etc. that bring them non-traditional revenue.

It seems that we are now reaching a number of tickets that would start to make financial sense for artists to tour again and that is great news! Can't wait to safely walk over the bridge at SPAC, make my way to my seats and feel music in my chest again. See you at the show.

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