So marijuana is legal now in New York, but can you grow your own supply at home? There are lots of benefits to growing your own weed - you know what went into it, you don't have to go out and find it, and you can choose strains that might not be available in your area. But hold your horses, don't go setting up your grow room just yet. New York State has rules and regulations about who can grow marijuana and how much they can grow.

Here's what you need to know about growing marijuana at home in New York:

1. Any New Yorker who grows marijuana must be 21 years or older.

2. Home growers are limited to six plants - three mature and three immature.

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3. Each household is limited to twelve plants - six mature and six immature - even if there are more than two adults over 21 in the residence.

4. Home growing is only permitted once the Office of Cannabis Management provides regulations for residential cultivation, which will be no later than 18-months after the first recreational retail sale.

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5. Cannabis plants grown at home need to be kept secure and inaccessible to anyone under 21-years-old.

6. Homegrown marijuana cannot be sold. It is only for personal consumption.

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7. It's illegal to make hash oil or concentrates from homegrown cannabis using butane, propane, alcohol, or another similar substance.

8. Local governments can make and enforce regulations regarding home cultivation, but cannot fully ban it.

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Marijuana is regulated in New York by the Office of Cannabis Management.

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