From an outsider perspective, the State of New York is cold, dark, and certainly not friendly. The first thing anyone thinks of, when someone refers to New York, is New York City; the largest city in the country and a reputation of rude and very unfriendly.

But as those who live in the rest of the state know, New York is not like that at all, or at least a majority of it.

Much of this state is countryside, farmland, little towns, and smaller cities that feature great food, a cool atmosphere, and friendly residents.

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Growing up in Western New York, it was common to run across friendly people all the time. After traveling to different parts of New York, I soon realized this state is really great for friendly places. Sure, New York City has its reasons for gaining its famous reputation, but even NYC has some amazing people and neighborhoods that leave you smiling.

But where are some of the friendliest places in New York State? Which towns or cities have some of the friendliest people in the state, and really, the entire northeast?

While we could go on and on here, in regards to friendly spots to visit, here are the seven friendliest places in New York State.

7 Friendliest Towns In New York State

Some of the absolute friendliest towns in New York State.

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The most underrated places in New York State.

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