The New York State Fair is running through Labor Day, and there's a sight new to the Fair this year that is absolutely breath taking to watch in action.

In the Expo Center toward the back of the New York State Fair - what seems like hundreds of cans of spray paint sit in boxes as ARCY works his magic, creating a hand painted mural dedicated to all the awesome things about New York.

Known for his paint splashed style of large scale street art, ARCY has been defining his skills for over a decade. In 2015, ARCY announced his inaugural North American live event mural tour, where he took his skills on the road, spray painting 8′ x 12′ live event walls in front of thousands of onlookers in many of the largest cities across the nation. Since then, ARCY has created hundreds of live murals and permanent large scale works throughout North America, Australia, and Europe.

Most recently, he's done a few animal murals for the Lewis County Fair.

He hand draws each work of art. Then, with a guide in hand as to what color to use where, spray paints each area to create the most beautiful works of art.

It's so fascinating to watch him in action. The mural that is being painted currently at the Fair starts as a homage to Woodstock, but as you travel down the canvas, you can see familiar characters and local spots that will emerge as they continue to paint.

Here's some photos of ARCY in action. More will likely have been completed if you plan on visiting the Fair any time before Labor Day. He is there working on the mural daily from 11AM to 6PM.

ARCY Live at New York State Fair

ARCY is painting a mural at the 2021 New York State Fair. Here's a look at the impressive work of art.

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"More than one million people will come together experience the 18-day celebration of delicious food, eye-opening exhibits, captivating entertainment, and great fun. This year’s New York State Fair will showcase numerous animals, hundreds of commercial attractions, scores of exciting midway rides, and dozens of big-name entertainers... all just a short trip from wherever you live!"

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