Some student athletes are good to go this fall, while others will be very disappointed.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Monday morning during a press briefing in Long Island that low-risk sports like cross country, tennis, soccer, and swimming will be allowed to practice and compete beginning September 21. There will be no games outside of a school's particular region, so, unless something changes toward the end of the fall seasons, there would be no competing for state championships. The Governor has said the situation will be re-evaluated on October 19.

High risk sports like football, wrestling and ice hockey can practice but cannot currently compete. One wonders if those restrictions will adversely affect the desire of certain student athletes to take part in their sport of choice at all. If that's the case, rosters could be depleted due to a lack of interest in this type of season.

Football, of course, is big on all levels, producing revenue and interest at all levels across the U.S. Outside of New York, 17 states, including California, Massachusetts and Vermont, have decided to altogether cancel fall football.

On the professional level, the National Hockey League, the National Basketball Association, and the National Football League have all had success keeping COVID-19 at bay while practicing and playing. In college football, Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) teams, including Syracuse, are playing this season.

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