It has been years in the making, but finally, a movie we saw filmed in Utica three years ago will be able to be seen come next month.

You hear all the time about movies being filmed in Albany. The same thing goes for Syracuse. It feels like nonstop you're seeing something about a movie being shot in so many areas throughout New York State, but hardly ever do you hear of one being filmed in Utica. Except for this one.

The movie coming out on January 28th looks to be a thrilling flick filled with great shots of Utica all throughout. Numerous locations were used for filming according to WKTV Kossuth Fish Market and Union Station Barber Shop to name just a few. Utica isn't alone in where this was filmed though, Barneveld got in on the action as well, no pun intended.

We say that because the movie looks to have some action in it, the typical kind you would find from a thriller centered around crime.

It isn't perfect, but it sure is a lot of fun, filled with bloody action, and a bit of heart too. - Tessa Smith / Rotten Tomatoes

The story behind 'Clean' is one of a man who is trying to overcome his past. That past is filled with violence. The main character played by Acadamy Award-winning Adrien Brody gets wrapped up with a crime boss and has to try to pull out of it. If the face of Adrien Brody looks familiar, it is. He has been part of quite a few major works like Peaky Blinders, The Village, Predators, and then some according to IMDB.

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