Enough with the rain already! The constant downfall has created flooding several times in the past few weeks. The latest rain turned into ferocious flash floods in yards and homes in Central New York.

Liz Platt has lived in her home in Ava, New York since 1996. The recent rain turned her home into an island, with flash flooding in front and behind her house. "Never have we ever had anything like this," she said.

Luckily the barn animals were saved and no one was hurt. "We're just thankful everyone is ok," said Platt, who isn't alone.

Several homeowners dealt with flash flooding in Central New York.

Never Ending Rain Creates Ferocious Flash Flooding in CNY

Constant rain creates flash flooding in Central New York

It's not just Chittenango Falls. All the waterfalls in the area are raging. Look at Buttermilk Falls washing over what was once a perfect place to swim.

Fonda Flooding

Flooding is so bad in Fonda, New York, Mayor Bill Peeler declared a state of emergency in the village at 6 PM on Monday, July 19. Crews have been working overtime to clean up from the massive flood.

Credit - Deborah Marshall
Credit - Deborah Marshall

Nearly every business was damaged by flooding in Morris, New York. Water reached as high as a foot at a certain point and rainfall accumulated to three and a half inches in less than an hour. The damage was so extensive officials are hoping Governor Andrew Cuomo will declare a state of emergency.

Incredible Photos Show The Power Of Mother Nature With Flooding In Morris New York

Heavy rains the last few weeks in Central New York have taken their toll. These photos from Morris New York show the power of Mother Nature and rain in full.

Areas in Whitesboro and Clinton just dealt with high water that even forced an evacuation of anyone living along the Sauquoit River in Whitesboro.

Flooding Washes Out Roads, Homes & Businesses in CNY

Flood Rescues, Missing Roads, Washed Out Bridges From 2019 Halloween Flood

Devastating Flooding in CNY in 2017

See devastating flooding around Central New York in 2017

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