Significant color changes are expected in the Utica and Rome area and mid-point in the Adirondacks and Thousand Islands.

Fall Foliage Reports are obtained from volunteer field observers and reflect expected color conditions for the coming weekend. Reports are issued every Wednesday afternoon.

The I Love NY website says Central New York will hit a 30% color change this weekend while frosty nights in the Adirondacks have the fall foliage change at 50-55%.

  • In Central New York, reports from Cooperstown and Oneonta in Otsego County predict as much as 30% color change this weekend with red and orange fall colors.
  • Madison County spotters reporting from Great Swamp Conservancy in Canastota predict 25% change with beautiful bright red, deep red, and yellow leaves.
  • Reports from Utica in Oneida County anticipate a little more than 20% transition this weekend, with muted orange and red shades.
  • In Chenango County, spotters in Norwich predict a 15% change with mostly green leaves.
I Love NY
I Love NY

In the Adirondacks, Tupper Lake and Mt. Arab spotters in Franklin County report that recent chilly nights have brought out the fall colors and the foliage change will be at least 50-55% this weekend. Some areas expect even greater change, with leaves approaching near-peak conditions. Look for above-average pineapple shades, buttercup, mahogany, copper, apricot, tangerine, plum, bittersweet, and ruby. Reports from Saranac Lake expect up to 50% change with maples displaying rich red leaves, sugar maples displaying various orange and orange-red hues, and birches beginning to turn yellow.

Thank You to the Kurt Gardner Photography Gallery for the photos. Kurt is a local Adirondack Photographer... who also happens to work as an Advertising & Fashion photographer in NYC or wherever else assignments take him.

Old Forge Fall Foliage

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