If only time would be kind and rewind so we could enjoy video stores just a little longer.

Family Video, one of the last remaining video store chains in America, announced the closure of all of its stores earlier this week.

Family Video President Keith Hoogland reflected on the company's longtime community impact and legacy in a press release Tuesday.

"We have enjoyed being part of our employees' and customers' lives and communities for the last 42 years," Hoogland wrote. "My proudest moments are those where our employees, at one point 10,000 of you, and customers came together to support the community through grass roots events, report card successes, holiday meal donations and the support of lymphoma research and education. Your achievements are far reaching and impactful."

Family Video managed to keep its doors open 10 years longer than some of the industry's biggest names like Blockbuster, Movie Gallery and Hollywood Video, but the impacts of COVID, both on foot traffic inside stores and on the number of new movie release, pushed Family Video to close its stores.

"I am extremely thankful to our employees and customers that were instrumental in Family Video's success," Hoogland wrote in the press release. "Without you, we would not have been the last man standing in our industry."

While the final day for movie rentals at Family Video was January 6, the stores will remain open until everything, from DVDS and Blu-Rays to popcorn and gumball machines, is sold. Family Video will also continue to sell movies, CBD products, t-shirts, memorabilia, and more on its website.

The closure of Family Video stores across Central New York may signal the end of an era, but in Bend, Oregon, the last piece of this pastime is still alive and well. Bend is home to the only remaining Blockbuster store in the world. You can stay up-to-date with the the last Blockbuster on its Instagram page, and add a trip to Bend to your bucket list!

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