It looks like Governor Cuomo won't be at this weekend's Bills game after all.

After Buffalo Bills fan Jeff Dorenzo created an online petition to ban Cuomo from attending this year's home playoff games, many New Yorkers wondered if the governor would keep his ticket.

In his daily coronavirus briefing on Wednesday, Cuomo announced that he would not be attending the Bills' first home playoff game as planned, but not because of the petition.

"The bad news is I have to rewrite the State of the State," Cuomo said during the breifing. "The really bad news is, since I'm going to rewrite the State of the State, I'm not going to get to the Bills game this weekend, which is going great."

In the final days of 2020, Cuomo announced that the Bills could host 6,700 fans at home for the first time this season. The tickets went on sale December 31 and were only available to season ticketholders... and Governor Cuomo.

Luckily, his ticket won't go to waste, and it's going to a deserving, yet-to-be-identified frontline worker.

"I'm going to give my Bills ticket to a nurse from Erie County Medical Center, ECMC, as a way of saying thank you and honoring all healthcare heroes," Cuomo said. "I will be doing that, so I'll be here working on the State of the State, which will be a labor of love actually because it's going to be better news, and we deserve better news."

Fans who attend the game on Saturday will be required to follow all health protocols laid out by the New York State Department of Health. Mandatory COVID testing began in Orchard Park this morning, which Governor Cuomo said is a model that will allow the state to start reopening other venues and businesses.

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