With a little help from Central New Yorkers like you, the Utica Zoo can now take even better care of their animals.

Many zoo's across the nation use a variety of techniques to better monitor their animals. One problem most face is not having someone to watch the animals all the time, especially when the park closes for the night. Now the Utica Zoo has a solution.

The zoo has recently installed trail cameras in several animal enclosures. This will allow them to watch the animals during the day, and better serve them as needed. This is beneficial to the zoo for many reasons.

One has to do with animal health. If for some reason one of the animals is sick, on medication, or recovering, the zoo keepers will be able to keep a better eye on the animal all day long. When the park closes, someone can check in on the animal even though they are not at the zoo.


Having a camera set up also gives potential to other ideas down the road as well. Some zoos will set up live cameras and stream them online. This gives someone who may not be able to go outside, the opportunity to still experience the zoo from the comfort of their own home.

This all wouldn't be possible without the help from people in the community. If you would like to support the Utica Zoo, visit their website to learn more ways on how to do so.

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