What do you tell your kids you're doing when you sneak out of the house for a puff? If they don't know what marijuana is do you make up a lie?

New York entered brand new territory in 2021. There are a few restrictions but smoking and being possession of a small amount of marijuana is legal now in our state. If you're unclear of the current guidelines you can get some more info here.

Many adults smoke or have smoked marijuana in their lifetime. According to a Gallup Poll from 2019, roughly 12% of Americans admitted that they smoke weed.

Are the days of being a pariah for smoking pot are now in rearview mirror?

What do you tell your kids what your are doing when you smoke? Are you comfortable telling your kids that you smoke pot even though it's legal? Do you hide drinking alcohol from them? It's somewhat similar, right?

I have a friend who smokes out of a vape pen and she tells her children that she's going outside to practice her flute and that no one can hear it because the sound is coming through on her Airpods.

It's a pretty elaborate story for someone who's not doing anything illegal anymore

What do you tell your kids or younger siblings that you're doing when you smoke if they aren't old enough to understand it? Do you make up a lie or are you up front with them about it?

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