You can discover your passion for acting right here in Central New York. Auditions are coming up for an independent film in Utica.

Mad Angel Films is holding Auditions for their next movie called Three Days In The Woods 2. According to a posting on CraigsList, the auditions will be held on August 22nd from 9AM to 6PM at Delta by Marriott Hotel in Utica.

If interested please email, to set up an audition time please include your Resume and Headshot, and what ROLES you are interested in in the subject line. We will supply you with sides to review and prepare. We will only consider people who attend our IN-PERSON auditions. No SELF-TAPES will be accepted. Filming in Utica/Syracuse, NY area Sept/Oct for 5 weekends."

Three Days In The Woods 2 follows a group of true-crime podcasters investigating the Darien Cross Cult killings that took place years ago in a small town of Tahawus in the Adirondacks. At the same time, a group of female witches who worship Darien Cross is trying to rescue him but a blood sacrifice must be made first.

Here's a breakdown of some of the parts they are auditioning for:

1) Angela: ’20s to 40’s Angela is tough as nails, a psycho killer with a bad attitude and general hatred towards men.

2) Trixie: 20’s to 30’s she is your typical E-Girl who is cute and adorable but very much messed up in the head and lives in another reality.

3) Ron: 30s to 40s, Host of a true crimes podcast, he is very ambitious and looking to take it to the next level and willing to do whatever it takes to achieve that, even if it means doing some unthinkable things.

4) Ariella: 20’s to ’30s, Ariella is the Sister of the Sole Survivor of the Darien Cross Cult Killings.

5) Sheriff Baker: 30’s to ’40s, Sheriff Baker is the law and order in a small town that has been trying to rebuild after the Cult Killings.

6) Sloane: 20’s to ’30s, Sloane is a Party girl looking for a great time and joins a gang to investigate the Cult Killings.

7) Jeremy: 30’s to ’40s. Ron’s Co-Host on his true crimes podcast. Jeremy is wisecracking and always looking for a good time.

You can learn more here.

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