What symbolizes your state? You probably hear about the more common symbols, such as state flowers, or birds, or even slogans. For example, New York's official state bird is the eastern bluebird. Our state flower is the rose. And of course, our state slogan is simply "I Love New York". But the Empire State also has a few state symbols you may not necessarily think of every day.

But sometimes there are some really odd designations, that are supposed to be a representation of where people live and what they do. Here's a good one. Lawmakers in the Tennessee House of Representatives are set to vote on whether they should make the ladder the official state tool. You may also remember earlier in 2021, when an official from Massachusetts wanted to name the Podokesaurus holyokensis as the official state dinosaur.

As of now, New York does not have an official state dinosaur. But did you know we have an official state snack? Yogurt. Yes, according to Best Life Online, Governor Cuomo signed into the legislation making yogurt the official state snack of New York. New York had surpassed California in 2013 as the nation's top yogurt producer. Well, the more you know.

Now, if you look at some of the other surrounding states, then some of these symbols become a bit more bizarre. Some good examples could be Pennsylvania's official state reptile, which is the eastern hellbender. South Carolina actually has a state craft, and it's sweetgrass basket weaving. In California they've named an official state fabric, and it's denim. Hey, New York even has some weird ones, such as the official state fossil. No, it's not one of your least favorite politicians, it's actually the sea scorpion.

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