Destiny USA is dropping the hammer on mall workers who violate their no-smoking policy after employees were said to be smoking in back hallways.

According to, Destiny officials released a statement earlier this week, saying that the workers' actions were a "direct violation of Onondaga County's fire code." Destiny implemented its current no-smoking policy in 2008, which states that all smoking on any property, including sidewalks, parking lots and loading docks, is prohibited.

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Get our free mobile app reports that Destiny USA officials found discarded cigarette butts in back hallways of the mall and have now implemented a strict, zero-tolerance policy.

We are a smoke free property. No butts about it.

Now exactly what are the consequences if a mall employee is caught smoking on Destiny USA property, even if that means in their personal car in the parking lot? reports that employees will be banned from the mall for a year, which basically implies they'll lose their job as well.

What do you think? Is this an excessive policy or is it a fair repercussion of workers violating the policy in the first place?

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