One of the strangest unsolved mysteries actually happened here in Central New York. Can you help find where they went?

SyracuseHistory via Facebook
SyracuseHistory via Facebook

For years now these horse sculptures have been missing from the Carousel Mall in Syracuse. You may even remember when they were up back in the day. A recent film has brought them back into our attention, making us question... Where did they go?


These sculptures were originally created back in 1990 by artist Arlene Abend. She's created a number of other artistic pieces including the 9/11 Memorial in Dewitt and the 'Three Generations' sculpture in Syracuse. Bob Congel of the Carousel Mall requested Arlene to make the horse sculptures while she was working for Delavan Studios in Syracuse.

The sculptures where then installed and many people enjoyed them for several years. When a local columnist, Dick Case, asked why they were taken down, he was told they "had to be moved". There were hopes to reuse them some day, but that brings us to today.

SyracuseHistory via Facebook
SyracuseHistory via Facebook

Where are these sculptures and are do they plan to be used? Being such beautiful pieces of artwork, it'd be upsetting to know they have been in a storage locker this whole time.

Now we turn it to you. We need your help in solving this mystery. Have you seen these Carousel Mall horse sculptures? If so, send us a picture of them and tell us where they are.

Look at the sculptures for yourself and see if they spark any memories!

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