I am so glad not only that I'm out of the dating game, but that I got out of the game before social media and dating apps really took off because I can't even imagine the stress both add to trying to find the perfect mate.

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Although I've not been single and in the dating pool for literally ever (which definitely does make me feel super old), I remember what it was like and I remember the pick-up lines - the cheesy pick-up lines.

Who even gave men the idea that pick-up lines are sexy? And, who was the first man to think, "hey, a dumb joke is a great way to land a lady" and then actually go through with it? Back in my dating days, I ran from awful pick-up lines and the men who thought they were so clever.

Even when my girlfriends and I were only casually dating, we all wanted a man of substance - a man who was able to hold down intelligent conversation instead of leaning on gag-worthy lines and it looks like people in the dating world today feel the same way I felt some 20 years ago.'

Bespoke Surgical conducted a survey in which they asked people what turns them on and 30 percent of people said deep conversations did it for them while 27 percent of people say that having mutual respect turns them on the most.

When it comes to daters in New York, the majority agree that pick-up lines need to go away. New Yorkers say what attracts them most, what is the biggest turn-on to them is a genuine compliment and that was a really popular answer.

People in 27 states say that a compliment is most what they want. People in 12 of the states said they really dig joke pick-up lines, five states said what catches their attention is a roast or flirty remark, and just one state (Oregon) said a question is what turns them on.

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