The American Red Cross has a critical need for blood donors of all types -- especially type O -- and platelet donors, to help replenish the blood supply after the holiday weeks.

The Red Cross currently has less than a three-day supply of type O blood.

Officials say during the weeks of Christmas and New Years, about 500 fewer blood drives were hosted by volunteer sponsor groups than required to meet patient needs.

“Lifesaving medical treatments and emergencies never take a holiday,” said Paul Sullivan, senior vice president, Red Cross Biomedical Services. “Declines in donations can affect patient care. That’s why the Red Cross is encouraging eligible donors to make an appointment to give now and help those sidelined by illness and trauma.”

Anyone who donates blood through January 19th will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a trip to the Super Bowl in Miami.

To make an appointment to donate, visit or call 1 800- RED CROSS.

American Red Cross
American Red Cross

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