One of Subway's most iconic items may soon disappear from the menu all together.

Starting this month, Subway restaurant owners will have the option to do away with the 5 Dollar Footlong. USA Today reports that the item has been off the menu for some time, but did make a splash back this past winter. A lot of franchisees weren't happy nationwide complaining about the narrow profit margins that came with the deal.

Trevor Haynes, current CEO of the Milford, Connecticut, company, told USA TODAY in an exclusive interview that starting this month, each franchisee will be allowed to decide whether to sell the sub that is so famous. Or infamous.

"How do we help our franchises with more of a regional value message, so they're able to (have) a value proposition that fits with their economic model," Haynes said. "If you look at California, there's a very different cost of business than in Arkansas.""

Out with the $5 footlongs, but in with plenty of new favorites including a variety of paninis and other drinks too. A full list of updates coming to Subway can be found on USA Today.

Also, Subway is pushing franchise owners to experiment with their own value deals based on business costs.

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