Hurricane Florence is being called one of the most deadliest storms of our lifetime. Will it bring plenty of rain and storms to Central and Upstate New York?

How much rain and wind Florence might bring to our area is still unclear. Democrat And Chronicle points out that the uncertainty arises from the various computer models that predict the movement of this storm. Some models say Florence will come ashore but remain near the coast as it drifts northward. Other models project a track that will take the storm inland and then north into Virginia, western Maryland, Pennsylvania and, potentially, upstate New York.

The National Hurricane Center seems to favor the latter projection; it shows heavy rain into southern Pennsylvania by next Tuesday. Veteran local forecaster Kevin Williams tends to agree.

The longer-range models that show an inland path suggest an inch or more of rain could be possible here by next Wednesday or Thursday.

Clarity on the storm's path should arrive late Wednesday or early Thursday. Then, we can fully predict what will happen here in Central New York and Upstate.

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