Kelsey Grammer, the actor who portrayed uppity psychologist Frasier Crane on TV's hit sitcom "Cheers," is seeking to make a name for himself in the beer business.

Grammer and his wife Kayte own land near Middletown, about two hours south of the Mohawk Valley, in a town called Margaretville. That's the proposed site of a brewery and maybe even a winery, as there is now an active license on record with the New York State Liquor Authority. Grammer would still need to obtain a separate brewer's license, but that could be forthcoming. The name of the business is Faith American Brewing Company LLC.

As recently as 2017, Grammer spoke about his plans for Faith American Ale, which is a Belgian-style ale with the crispness of a lager, on morning TV talk shows. The name of the brew is in honor of his daughter named Faith.

The site for the brewery rests on a dairy farm that Grammer purchased about 25 years ago. Here's an article with some pictures of the site, which also once contained a prosperous sawmill. Grammer dreams of revitalizing the entire area.

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