I'm sure you have seen the map floating around that lays out every region in New York and its unique foods. Well, here is one of the ones the Capital Region specializes in.

In the Capital Region or Troy I should say, these are a massive staple. I know the regional food map I mentioned says these are an Albany thing, but they truly are not. Almost everywhere in Troy, these can be found. I am sure some places around the Capital Region also have them made just like this too. For me, there are really only three places to go. Hot Dog Charlies, Famous Lunch, or Gus's. All are very good, my preference is Hot Dog Charlies.

I truly think these should be served in Central New York. I have no clue why they are mainly just a Capital Region thing. I would say the same about Riggies too. They are also so good they could be served no problem outside of CNY.

Here is how to make them.

CNY Really Needs Restaurants That Serve Up This Delicious Food

This is purely the way I make them. Sometimes I'll even throw some pickle relish on them too, but typically you'll never find that on mini dogs in the Capital Region.

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