Does location really matter when it comes to health? Of course it does, and that's why New York State is proud to have 4 of the healthiest cities in America.

WalletHub just published the list of "2022's Healthiest & Unhealthiest Cities in America." To determine which areas can be considered the healthiest, WalletHub compared more than 180 of the most populated U.S. cities across 43 key indicators of good health.

Our data set ranges from the cost of a medical visit to fruit and vegetable consumption to COVID-19 cases."

So on that full list, New York State cracked the list 4 times:

17) New York, NY

43) Rochester, NY

52) Yonkers, NY

65) Buffalo, NY

Not that we want to argue with science data, but are we going to pretend Rochester and Buffalo rank high for healthily cities? Rochester is home to the Garbage Plate.....yes, a dish using the word garbage. Buffalo is home to the chicken wing. How are these two cities considered super healthily? I guess those residents burn off all the extra calories from eating amazing dishes. New York also had positive marks ranking number 2 with New York City as "Most Healthly Restaurants per Capita."

New York’s health ranking has improved more than any other state during the past 30 years in part due to improved access to health insurance coverage and primary care doctors

The Empire State’s climb from 40th least healthy state in 1990 to 11th healthiest today comes despite its struggles to curb recent spikes in drug deaths, sexually transmitted disease and health inequality, according to the 2019 America’s Health Rankings Annual Report."

At least we are on the upswing.

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