There is a great place to go on the internet that can basically answer all your questions about Christmas and its traditions. It is Called They cover all the big topics such as what is an advent calendar. Why is Christmas on December 25th? Why do we have Christmas trees? And one of my favorites why do we light candles at Christmas.

I don't want to give away all the answers. You should have fun looking up your own holiday traditions but I will share with you the candle tradition as I know it. Candles were lit during the winter solstice to celebrate the fact that the sun was returning to the land. Days would be getting longer again. Spring was on the way. But candles mean more than just that on Christmas.

What does a Burning Candle Symbolize at Christmas

Ruslan Danyliuk
Ruslan Danyliuk

Some people celebrate with candles to symbolize the star of Bethlehem according to The light was a guide for both Mary and Joseph and ultimately led the Wise Men to Jesus in the manger. Some of us just use candles to set a mood. The softer lighting can be very relaxing over the holiday. Scent candles can often bring back memories.

One of the things I am glad we stopped doing is putting the actual lit candles on the Christmas tree. Although pretty it is a major fire hazard. I understand there are still celebrations that do it but I am sure there are a few modern precautions that go along with that type of display.

So whether you light a candle in a centerpiece this holiday season or in a window take a moment to reflect on all the reasons why then pick the tradition that best suits you and enjoy.

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