With a Bath and Body Works location at Sangertown Square Mall in New Hartford, we're curious if anyone has had a similar experience with their candles? We've seen several Central New Yorkers sharing a viral post on Facebook and thought we'd investigate.

Nicole Legg took to her Facebook page to express her concerns about her latest purchases from the store. Her post has been shared over seven thousand times and has thousands of comments of people who had the same experience.

The other night I had my new sparkling icicles candle burning, the house smelled wonderful. I just so happen to look over on the mantle and even through the candle holder (also made by them) I could see this black spot and I knew the outside design didn’t have it. So we blew it out and waited for it to cool down to take it out and this is what we found. It looks like whether it’s a manufacturing issue or whether they just decided to go a cheaper route to secure them, the wicks are not properly secured to the bottom and as it burns they are melting outward towards the glass causing it to burn the glass directly-which likely would be the same reason others are seeing fires/them blowing up if it goes unnoticed. Lucky for us, we saw it and caught it and no harm was done at all here. But please keep an eye on your bath and body works candles so this doesn’t happen to someone else and end up way worse. Super disappointed in my favorite store and really hoping they fix this issue before someone gets seriously hurt.


Credit: Nicole Legg
Credit: Nicole Legg

Legg later edited her post to add some clarifying statements, saying that she's reached out to the company more than once and received the response of "we'll look into it." She also said, after many asked, the wick of the candle was centered before she started burning the candle.

"It was only lit for 2 hours when we found it burning outwards. When it cooled down we realized the wicks were not properly anchored to the bottom."

Comments on this post show many similar experiences, with candles burning at alarming rates and overheating despite the instructions. Users say it actually seems to be a common theme with this years holiday collection.

We called our local New Hartford store, and they said they directed us to contact the corporate office in regards to questions and complaints. Upon speaking with someone via online chat, the company said they take the claims seriously and "investigate all complaints." They couldn't confirm nor deny if this is something that happens regularly.

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