If fall is your favorite of the seasons and if you can't get enough of each and every scent associated with this time of year, and if you're addicted to candles, have we got a job for you!

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In case you've not heard of it, Wishlisted.com is a lifestyle platform and its mission is simple- to uncover the best products, services, and tips to help all of us live our best and happiest lives.

Wishlisted has just announced a new contest that any lover of fall will definitely want to be part of. Three fall fanatics will win the opportunity to test various brands of fall scented candles and will be awarded a cozy blanket to curl up in, an assortment of candles, and $250 in payment for giving their opinions, and a $50 Starbucks gift card - for...well, you know.

In a press release, Dayne Ford, Founder, and CEO of Wishlisted.com explained,

At Wishlisted, our goal is to provide people with the best resources to help them make the most of this fall season. And since this year will be a bit different from years past, given the effects of COVID-19, we want to give people the joyful feeling of fall from the comfort of their own homes. This contest allows three lucky winners to earn money simply by smelling candles - they will tell us what they think is best and we will turn that into content that all of our readers can enjoy.

Somebody pinch me because this sounds too good to be true, but it isn't. This is very much for real and you very much have a chance to be one of the three chosen ones. To put yourself in the running, you'll just need to fill out a pretty simple entry form with your basic info as well as a short explanation of why you love fall so much.

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