Chips Ahoy cookies are being recalled over an 'unexpected ingredient' that could cause 'adverse health experiences.'

The company that makes Chips Ahoy cookies announced a voluntary recall of certain Chewy Chips Ahoy 13oz cookies. They're recalling packages of Chewy Chip Ahoy because the product could contain an "unexpected solidified ingredient." There's no reports as to what that ingredient it - but there have been reports of "potential adverse health effects" - which sounds like whatever got into these cookies could make you sick.

The only cookies being recalled have a UPC code 0 44000 03223 4, and 'Best When Used By' dates of 07SEP2019, 08SEP2019, 14SEP2019, and 15SEP2019. 

If you have these cookies DO NOT eat them.

Consumers can contact the company at 1-844-366-1171, 24 hours a day to get more information about the recall. Consumer Relations specialists are available Monday-Friday, 9am to 6pm EDT

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