A Central New York woman vacationing in Cape Cod experienced quite the shock Tuesday, when a tornado touched down at the popular vacation destination.

Abby Derminio, who is traveling with a family, was watching two of three kids at the rental home while the parents were running an errand. Derminio says, "the kids at the house napped through the whole thing." In the basement of the house things may have been calm, but the winds whipped outside.

During the storm, the parents of the family Derminio is traveling with retreated into a Christmas Tree Shop as the rain and wind began to pick up. Below is the Facebook post describing the incident authored by Kara Passalacqua of New Hartford.

When the weather began to calm down, the assessment of damage began. Passalacqua writes, "Incredible amount of trees down everywhere, power lines down, flash flooding and just a state of damage." The above photo is the family vehicle.

Luckily, nobody was harmed in the incident. One thing is for sure, it has been an unlucky summer for Cape Cod. There have been several reports of shark attacks and now they faced this rare weather event, for that area.

As of Wednesday morning, power was still out at their rental home and in the immediate area of the storm. The town is also still without water.

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