So, I'm driving along Route 20 over the weekend, coming home from a golf outing, and looking forward to an ice cream cone from one of my favorite Central New York spots, and...CLOSED. Permanently.

Troops Scoops, whose sign reads SERVING LUNCH & DINNER, is no longer serving lunch, no longer serving dinner, no longer serving ice cream, no longer serving ANYTHING. The traditional stop on the way home from the Bouckville Antique Fest, the place where you got your tasty annual sundae, has closed its doors for good. Your first clue is the empty parking lot:

Credit: Beth Coombs/TSM
Credit: Beth Coombs/TSM

Located at 6960 Route 20 in Madison, the CNY landmark run for years by the Schizzel family drew rave reviews from Yelp customers:

  • Great ice cream and burgers, and the service is always good
  • Summertime roadside America at its best
  • We ordered outside and the line was really long but it became apparent why, once we got our food

But now, no more long lines. No more ice cream. And, maybe Troops Scoops had lost some of its magic LAST YEAR after its management changed hands, and some poor reviews began to drift in.

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