Want an escape from quarantine? Instead of being locked up in the house, get committed to Cayo Industrial's Atrophy Escape Ward, returning for 3 nights only in Rome.

Step into the Atrophy Escape Ward inside the Archana Asylum at Cayo Industrial. Once you're committed, you'll explore the hospital, unfolding secrets, solving puzzles, while running into patients in the mysterious, dreamlike adventure for an escape room adventure like no other. "This is not a haunted house. This is not just an escape room. It's different," said Joshua Reale, the brains behind the unique experience.

The Atrophy Escape Room first open in November 2018 in Utica, to hundreds of rave reviews. Reale hoped to make it a year round attraction. After 11 years on Broad Street, Cayo Industrial and the Atrophy Escape Room moved to Rome in 2019. Plans to have the Escape Room open year round were put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The hour long event returns for three nights only at 530 Harbor Way in Rome. Atrophy Escape Ward in Rome reopens from March 19th through March 21st.

Masks are required during your visit and hand sanitizer will be available. Groups will be limited in size to adhere to COVID-19 safety protocols. Actors will also wear masks.

Tickets to the limited 3 night experience won't last long. You can get yours online when you reserve your time slot. Use promo code ATROPHY for up to $12 off tickets.

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