It is 2021, so when you write a headline like that, you almost feel like it does not need to be highlighted, but in the case of the Bills IT IS cool to highlight that they are in the front of the NFL line when it comes to hiring females to join the coaching staff.

The Buffalo Bills hired Princeton's Sophia Lewin as the offensive assistant coach. This is actually not her first time inside the organization, though.

Sophia Lewin went to Monmouth University and from there, she had a journey getting to be the NFL's 9th female assistant coach, according to Sports Illustrated:

  • training-camp assistant with the Bills
  • receivers coach at Hudson Catholic in New Jersey
  • Princeton University offensive quality control coach

The Buffalo Bills announced earlier this week that they have promoted 9 people within the organization, including another female Andrea Groper.

Groper was upped to player personnel coordinator after serving the previous two seasons as a scouting intern. According to the Buffalo Bills officials website:

The Bills discovered Andrea Gosper thanks to the NFL's Women's Careers in Football Forum. For the last two seasons, Gosper has been a scouting intern for Buffalo. Now, she'll transition into a full-time role. By being promoted to player personnel coordinator, Beane said her new job responsibilities will consist of about 75 percent college scouting, 25 percent pro scouting and administrative work.

The Buffalo Bills made history in 2016 when they hired Kathyrn Smith, the first full time NFL female coach. Smith served as a special teams quality control coach and is no longer with the team.

Go Bills.

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