Anheuser-Busch is getting into a different side of the beer game. Budweiser is rolling out a new beer that will appeal to another side of the beer lover. Budweiser, the King of Beers, has introduced a new can of suds called Budweiser Zero. According to and, Anheuser-Busch is jumping on the alcohol-free, low-calorie drinks.

They have just released Budweiser Zero which contains no alcohol and only fifty calories. They are calling it "Bud Zero" and the company says it's a lager that tastes similar to Bud Light but without the alcohol and fewer calories. It also has zero grams of sugar for health-conscious consumers.

If you love the taste of beer but sometimes don't want to get buzzed and want to cut down on calories, this could be your beer. There are other alcohol-free beer options on the market, but something tells me if any beer maker would get this right, it would be Budweiser.

Budweiser's VP of Marketing, Monica Rustgi said,

“We really want to disrupt this space because we believe there doesn’t need to be a stigma and outdated understanding of non-alcoholic beer. Beer is something that people love, so it doesn’t have to be a binary decision of drinking beer with alcohol or not drinking a beer at all.”

Budweiser Zero is available for purchase now in cans only. You can get a twelve-pack of twelve-ounce cans and sixteen-ounce single cans of Bud Zero. Twelve-ounce bottles in six-packs will be available to buy sometime in November.

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