Witnessing the Bills playing on Thanksgiving is something you've never seen...until this year.

The Bills will play at the Dallas Cowboys on Thursday at 4:30 pm EST. According to WGRZ, it's the first Thanksgiving Day game for the Bills in 25 years, when they lost to the Detroit Lions in 1994.

The Lions and Cowboys are traditionally the two teams that play on Turkey Day every year.

Bills wide receiver Cole Beasley will be playing his former team on Thursday. Beasley suited up for Dallas from 2012-2018 -- the first seven years of his career.

The Bills are 8-3 with an eye on the playoffs. They currently hold the first wild card position in the AFC, with a two-game lead on four teams in the AFC at 6-5.

This will be a new experience because it won't be a relaxing Thanksgiving for Bills fans, as the stress of an important game will be looming during second helpings.

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