Everyone has their own list of what they would consider to be "classic movies" or their "favorite" movies to watch during the holidays.

From Disney networks to BET to Lifetime to the ABC channel, during the holidays TV is filled with back-to-back holiday movies. Some you probably wouldn't add to the list and others might be in your top-5.

Well according to the NY Post  here is a list of some of the best movies t watch during the holidays. I don't agree solely on the list as mentioned before we all have our own idea of what would be considered "classics and favorite" movies to watch during the holidays. Take a look at the NY post and check out my Top 9 movies to watch during this holiday season.

1) The Grinch Who Stole Christmas will always be classic and probably most people would call it a favorite holiday movie.

2) Home Alone, like seriously let's be honest all the Home Alones could make this list , my favorite one would have to be Home Alone stuck in NYC.

3) Friday After Next with Ice Cube and Mike Epps is hilariously funny and would be considered a "classic " is the urban culture.

4) The Christmas Story, I love this movie and if you haven't seen it well Christmas day the TV network usually does back to back showings of this movie

5) Jingle Bells has to be on the list of favorites and classic movies , I mean who wouldn't want a Turbo Man.

6) Snow Day, I have not seen this movie in a long time and I probably will go looking for it now because this is every kids dream during the winter season s to have an epic snow day with an epic snow ball fight.

7) The Polar Express, I wish every kid could take a ride on the polar express . They do a few reenactments  but nothing is truly like the movie . I  wish it was real.

8) The Elf, like come on this movie is everything , funny, heartfelt and its a true holiday movie. I mean who wouldn't want to be a Elf and help out at Santas workshop.

9) Charlie Browns Christmas will forever be in my top 10, I remember watching this movie during the holidays is elementary such a cute kid movie.




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