Lots of folks have big Thanksgiving plans and some of those plans involve imbibing in alcohol, possibly in excessive amounts. That means there could be some hangovers this week. And new scientific research has uncovered a new cure.

Doctors at the Institute of Chemical Technology in Mumbai, India, have discovered that a concoction made of coconut water, pear and lime can boost the activity of two enzymes which break down alcohol inside the body, speeding up the recovery process the morning after heavy drinking. 

The researchers claim the best mixture would be 65% pear juice, 25% lime juice, and 10% coconut water. And for optimum effects, the drink should be served with cheese, tomato and cucumber.

On the flip side, coffee may enhance the effects of a hangover, so a cup of java could be the worst thing you could drink as a cure.

Now, here's the science behind the process: Acetaldehyde is a compound that causes hangovers, and the body can't fully recover until it's been destroyed and digested. Enzymes found in the liver, kidneys, and lungs, can eradicate acetaldehyde – but don't always act quickly enough. That's where the coconut-pear-lime drink comes in.

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